Gérer mes biens immobiliers : a new online service for property owners

The “Gérer mes biens immobiliers” (Manage my properties) service is evolving to allow property owners to comply with legislation and declare the identity of the occupants of their properties.

The service also enables rent to be reported if the properties are let.

Residence tax is being phased out in 2023 for all main residences and for all taxpayers. It is however still levied on other properties such as second homes and vacant premises.

In this respect, so as to identify premises still subject to the tax, the 2020 Budget Act introduced new reporting arrangements for all property owners (individuals and legal entities).

For each of their properties, owners must state the capacity in which they occupy them and, when they do not occupy them themselves, provide the identity of the occupants and the period of occupancy (situation on 1 January 2024). Taxpayers have until July 1, 2024 to complete the declaration. If you made a declaration in 2023, only a change of circumstances will require a new declaration.

How do I declare?

➔ If you are an individual:
Log in to your personal account > Biens immobiliers (Properties)

If you don’t have an internet access, you can also complete a "paper" declaration of occupation and sent to your local tax office responsible for payment of your property tax

➔ If you are a professional:

Log in to your professional account > Démarches (Procedures) > Gérer mes biens immobiliers

Once you have accessed the declaration process, an info bubble with the words “Déclaration attendue” (Declaration pending) is displayed above each property.


The process then adjusts based on your answers and you will be guided by info bubbles and FAQs. In addition, occupancy data already in the possession of our departments will be pre-displayed.

You will then be asked to provide details of the property’s occupancy:

The occupant’s identity must be entered:
- For an individual: surnames, first names, date and place of birth
- For a legal entity: its corporate name and SIREN number

Once the declaration has been submitted, it is available immediately in PDF format in the “Gérer mes biens immobiliers” section.