Bank products

If you are not a resident of France for tax purposes, you may not hold the following accounts:

  • Sustainable development savings account (LDD)

  • Livret Jeune savings account

  • Popular savings account (LEP)

In this case, you should provide your bank with proof that you are not a resident of France and instruct it to transfer the funds to other financial products.
Your bank will be your point of contact.

Since 20 March 2012, the transfer outside France of the residence for tax purposes of the holder of a share savings plan (PEA) no longer means that the plan must be automatically closed. This applies irrespective of the country to which the plan's holder transfers his/ her residence for tax purposes (EU or elsewhere), unless the transfer is to a non-cooperative state or territory (NCST) within the meaning of Article 238-0 A of the General Tax Code (CGI).

An annual list of NCSTs is drawn up in an order and can be consulted on the Légifrance website.

Non-residents may invest in the other bank products. Contact your bank if you have any questions.


DINR PART - March 15, 2021