Gifts to children and grandchildren exempt from duty

You can give money and also movable property (cars, jewellery, etc.), property and securities (shares, company stock).

Each parent may give up to €100,000 per child without gift duty being owed. A couple can make a duty-exempt transfer of €200,000 to each of its children every 15 years.

The €100,000 allowance can apply on one or several occasions every 15 years.

Similarly, there is an allowance of €31,865 on gifts made to grandchildren and €5,310 on those made to great-grandchildren.

These provisions apply whether the beneficiary is of legal age or a minor.

The various allowances may be combined: a child may receive €200,000 (100,000 x 2) from his parents and €127,460 (31,865 x 4) from his four grandparents every 15 years without having to pay gift duty.

Where applicable, they may be combined with the special allowance for the disabled, the exemption on family gifts of money and with temporary gifts of certain building land and new property.

The balance after applying the allowance is taxed on the progressive scale.