To know more on T4B

The Tax4Business service is a one-stop contact point for all foreign investor’s tax issues. It accommodates your needs and guides you so you can invest within a clear and safe legal environment. French Tax Administration (DGFIP) works in partnership with you and brings you all the help and guidance you need.

This service is tailored to your expectations and your needs. Tax4Business makes it:

  • EASIER: one-stop service to get all the necessary information, possibility to get the answer in English; clear and easy to understand communications.
  • FASTER: Tax4Busines answers within the shortest possible period of time in accordance with your needs.
  • SAFER: you can ask DGFIP its standpoint regarding the tax regime applying to your future investment; more guidance is available in English.
  • STRAIGHTER: one e-mail address:, a dedicated Web page and information on Twitter #Tax4BusinessFrance (@dgfip_officiel).