How do I get information on the progress of a VAT refund claim?

For businesses based in the EU

You will be sent:

  • An acknowledgement of receipt of your VAT refund claim via the online portal of the Member State where you are based. You will therefore be informed of the date when your claim was received by the VAT refund department.
  • Notice of the decision taken by the VAT refund department. You will also receive a letter if your claim has been entirely or partly refused.

For all businesses

You can contact the VAT refund department at

Except for initial claims, you must provide:

  • The sequence number given to your company by the department, for businesses based outside the EU
  • Your intra-Community VAT number or the number of your online refund claim, for EU businesses 

Otherwise, you should state the country in which the company is based, its name and address and the amount of the refund claim.

Providing this information will enable you to know if your claim is being processed or if a decision has already been taken.