How and where do I file returns and pay the property wealth tax as a non-resident?

You are a non-resident and, subject to international tax treaties, you are liable for the property wealth tax if you have net property assets worth more than €1.3 million.  

The property wealth tax (IFI) has replaced the wealth tax (ISF). The latter is owed in France for years prior to 2018.

Your property assets include properties and property rights located in France, stock or shares you hold in property companies that own property in France, stock or shares you hold in property companies owning property in France and abroad, in the commensurate amount of the property and rights owned and held in France.

Please note: Persons who have not been resident of France for tax purposes during the previous five calendar years and who transfer, under certain conditions, their tax residence to France during Year Y, are only taxed on their property located in France. These tax arrangements will remain in place until 31/12/Y+5. Thereafter, these persons are taxable under ordinary law conditions.

  • If you file a “paper” return, you should send it to the department which handles your tax affairs. Your property wealth tax should be declared and paid to the Individual Tax Department for Non-Residents (SIPNR).

Direction des Impôts des Non-Résidents
10 rue du Centre
TSA 10010
93465 Noisy-le-Grand CEDEX

If you are not a resident of France and you do not file income tax returns, irrespective of the amount of your net taxable assets over and above €1.3 million, you must file a property wealth tax return and its appendices with specific return no. 2042-IFI-COV without income.

If you have French income taxable in France and you are liable for the property wealth tax, you must declare this on return 2042-IFI that can be downloaded from the website by clicking on “Formulaires”.

  • If you file your returns online, you can declare your property wealth tax with your income tax return online (check the “fortune immobilière” box in the table at the start of step 3).

Please note: For the 2018 property wealth tax return, taxpayers whose main home has an Internet access and whose 2016 reference taxable income was more than €15,000, must file their return online.


For further details on calculating and declaring your property wealth tax, you can refer to the following factsheets:

“Owning property in France and / or abroad : liability for property wealth tax?”

“I am a non-resident. Is my file handled systematically by Individual Tax Department for non-resident (SIPNR) ?”


UPDATED DINR PART on 19/08/2019