Gérer mes biens immobiliers: a new online service for property owners

A new online service, “Gérer mes biens immobiliers”, has been available since 2 August 2021 to all property owners, both individuals and professionals (legal entities), from their account on impots.gouv.fr.

Now, any property owner, whether an individual or a professional (legal entity), can log in to their account on impots.gouv.fr to access a nationwide list of all their built properties and their characteristics (surface area, number of rooms, lot number, etc.).

Eventually, this service will enable users to comply with their property-related reporting obligations online, to submit property declarations electronically, to settle urban planning taxes and to declare the occupants of residential premises. The service will also make it possible to collect rents for rented residential premises from landlords as part of the revision of rental values.

A video tutorial is available online.

To learn more :

  • For individual users:
    • Go to www.impots.gouv.fr and click on “Votre espace particulier” (Your personal account), and then on “Biens immobiliers” (Properties) ;
    • An FAQ and a user's guide are available in English.
  • For professional users:
    • Go to www.impots.gouv.fr and click on “Votre espace professionnel” (Your professional account) > “Démarches” (Formalities) > “Gérer mes biens immobiliers” (Manage my properties) ;
    • An FAQ and a user's guide are available in English.

Any information concerning your property that you consider to be missing or incorrect can be requested from the authorities using the secure messaging system in your personal or professional account on the impots.gouv.fr website. For the subject line, please select “J’ai une question sur le descriptif de mon bien immobilier” (I have a question about the description of my property).